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The perfect gift for your cat!

The Original

The best place for a nap!

The Corkscrew

A nice and design cocoon to play and rest.

The Teepee Collection.

Our new Best Seller. A Woolycave Exclusivity.

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Stylish essentials for cats & their humans

We all know how ugly synthetic pet beds can be.
We wanted to create uniques pieces, that would please both cats and their owners.

The use of natural wool in the creation of our products appeared as an evidence, allowing us to shape our designs, but also to provide an unparalleled experience of comfort and privacy for our furry friends.

Who are we?

Just like you, we are cats lovers.
Our core values stem from our passion for animals and the health and well-being of cats.

Our passionate team of animal lovers has created beautiful designs that combine decoration and comfort. Each cave is hand-felted with love from 100% natural organic materials to ensure a happy and healthy cat.

After a first success with our regular cat caves, and watching our Maine Coons struggling to fit in the caves, we decided to create XL sizes, to answer the needs of all sized cats.

We are passionate about all our furry friends, not just cats. That's why we ensure that all our wool is ethically harvested in New Zealand.

Our mission & commitments

During a trip to Nepal in 2018, we discovered the know-how of exceptional women working with wool by hand. 

A few months later, during the creation of Woolycave, the opportunity to work with these women presented itself.

In partnership with the Maiti Nepal association, we offer jobs to women in precarious situations, paying them 200% of the Nepalese median wage.

Our caves are therefore carefully and delicately handmade in Nepal. The first beneficiaries of this project are these courageous women. By buying from us, you are therefore contributing to the improvement of women's conditions in Nepal.

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