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How to clean?

The cleaning guide:

Your cat's cave will need a good scrubbing after being used for a few months.

Cleaning the fur in the cave:

Just reverse the cave inside-out and rub it with a wet glove

Washing the cave:

The cave should not go to the washing machine. It could damage the felting and remove the natural smell of the wool your cat liked. 

1. Rinse the cave in warm water
2. Rub with soap the dirty areas. If your cat urinated in the cave, you might need some vinegar to remove the smell. 
3. Let it soak for a while in warm water. 

Dry the cave:

Do not put in the dryer. It should damage the wool.
The best method is to let the cave dry in the sun. 
If you're not in a sunny area, roll in into a towel to remove the excess of water. Then let it dry in a dry place.  

Please note that this guide only gives tips and recommendations. We are not responsible of any potential damage your cat may cause.